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Explore the film galleries above and be entertained by some of the greatest short films ever made by young filmmakers.

Although the YoungCuts Film Festival is not currently accepting submissions, we continue our mission of encouraging, inspiring and promoting young filmmaking talent.

If your short film has recently won a festival prize, send us a link to your film and we’ll consider featuring it alongside past YoungCuts Film Festival winners.

Check this site regularly to watch prize-winning films and discover new initiatives that YoungCuts launches!

About YoungCuts

A variety of new film technologies now empower filmmakers to produce Hollywood-style films on any budget. Nowhere is this more evident than in the world of short film.

Globally, thousands of short films are produced every year. Yet, fewer than 10% of these films are selected by recognized film festivals.

Since young filmmakers represent an increasingly important segment of this elite group, they merit special attention.

YoungCuts was created in 2001 to provide special attention to such emerging talent.

Contact Max Bianchi, Festival Director at for more information.