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2013 Official Screening Schedule

Not every film of the category described will be in a screening. (e.g. some Canadian Films will be in the Documentary Category.)

Late Night Screening at Brutopia October 18, 2013

Brutopia Brew Pub. 1219 Crescent, Montreal in the Bistro. Begins @ 8:00 pm

Russell Curtis by James Gannon

I am Sorry by Árpád Hermán

Rats by Jean-Philippe Bélanger

Au Moin Il Reste Du Rhum! by Charles Gariépy

Elijah the Prophet by James Cooper

Room For Rent by Michael Kampa

Incident Sur La Ligne Orange by Valérie Gadbois

Deadlocked by Johannes Hartmann

Lie Down & Die by Kyle Sanderson

Erasermen by Jeff Garneau

WZRDS: A Portrait of Montreal Street Art by Parker Kay

Sex On Wheels by Amanda Feder

Alce & Alice by Diego Barrios

Orwell's Dream by Christopher Stylianou

Double Bind by Mark Lammerding

Ratitas (Scoundrels) by David Figueroa

All Day Screening at VA-114 October 19, 2013

VA-114 in the VA Building @ Concordia University. 1395 René Levesque W., Montreal.

International Teen Films Begins @ 11:00 am (112min46sec)

Pierced by Emily Cohn 10:21

Anaerobe by Cosima Elwes 1:22

Stargazer by Bea Webster 7:06

Compliments to the Chef by Lucien Flores 4:56

Not Just a Diagnosis by Heather Caddie 3:00

Killers by David Spanos 5:12

The Darkroom by Wiley Webb 2:30

Expression by Noah Bartel 5:07

Kijkdoos (Shoebox Diorama) by Anne Rietmeijer 5:00

Life in Pink by Zach Madden 9:09

History Lesson by Trey Carlisle 1:16

Bent's Resort by Ry Pruett 6:53

The Swing of Things by Tyler Rabinowitz 9:48

A Life Noir by Rex Provost 18:22

The Talk by My Pockets 1:34 

Manhood by Jonathan Gelvan 16:10

Paradigm by Stephen Boyer 5:00

Documentary Films Begins @ 1:00 pm (101min45sec)

Life With Lupus by Giovanna Gatto 12:08

From Farm To Table by Gabrielle Giacomo 4:33

The Culture of Vinyl by Eliza Moley 12:08

Fresh Tracks by Jonathan Kang 4:31

Many Hands by Junchen Huang 12:31

Life Under the Hood by Joseph Wilson 6:11

Voices by Kiran Sangherra 7:01

Naruwan Taiko by Emily Johnson 6:11

On Violence by Arendse Lovind Andersen 11:07

Ink & Paper by Ben Proudfoot 9:11

OH NO! HAIR! by Daniel Livesey 6:30

Don't Get Mad, Just Get Used To It by March Mercanti 9:43

Canadian Films #1 Begins @ 3:00 pm (103min, 35sec)

AILLEURS ou la poésie des amours perdues et des lettres jaunies by Renaud Lessard 9:25

The Doctor's Case by Matt Matlovich 19:28

Micta by Élisa Moar and Marie-Pier Ottawa 3:04

No Avail by Jeremy Ratzlaff 8:31

Existence by Patrick Lee 19:59

Rejetés by Jonathan Larose 1:37

Triumph of A City: A Propaganda Film by Aaron Zeghers 19:30

MaintenantMême Les Plantes by Philippe Gariépy 10:56

Purrfect pair by Gwyneth Christoffel 3:02

In Your Heart by Raymond Caplin 3:04

Done by Jesse Bostick 5:00

Canadian Films #2 Begins @ 5:00 pm (106min, 4sec)

Distachment by Dylan Vogel 1:08

The Supper by Maeghan Tessler 10:38

Dolem Memoria by Catherine Trudeau 4:11

Survivre by Alexandre Richard 12:11

E by Matthew Murray 3:05

You Be The Judge by Amy Silver 5:08

Lucidity by Sam Fruitman 8:23

Where Birds Come From by  Mackenzie Hatridge 3:58

Gone by Shane McLachlan 17:17

Un Souhait Sous Mon Oreiller by Alex Dornier 2:10

Weight by Zachary Silverstein 5:50

Autumn Wings by Kora Vanderlip 6:00

Mixdown by Dylan Vogel 5:00

The Great Maldini by Lee Ventura 8:49

Jus D'Orange by Fanny Boucher 8:16

Callback by David Findley 4:00

International Films Begins @ 7:00 pm (115min, 20sec)

The History of Chance by Max Blustin 24:00

The Fox Made of Socks by Jason Oshman 1:16

Dr. Gutman's Eulogy by Melanie Wainberg 17:46

Ramus by Danica Parry and Chris DeVito 1:53

Thyme by Max Lincoln 15:27

Eternity by Byunghoon Han 2:24

You Laugh With Your Whole Face by Cleo Mees 14:49

Still I Breathe by Sang Ho Lee 2:57

The Daily Conundrum by Hannah White 3:39

Breathe Life by Matthew Jekowsky 17:22

A.S.T-23 by Nicolai Becking 2:22

Pura Vida by Chris Shimojima 11:25

Best Of YoungCuts Begins @ 9:00 pm (107min, 26sec)

Falling Up by Rj Collins 16:13

Sakhalin Death Roe by Katerina Strazding 23:00

Oh Willy... by Emma De Swaef & Marc Roels 16:42

Nicola Sans S by Xavier Havitov 3:00

The Final Straw by Ricky Renna 2:14

Alone With Me by M.K. Ceesay 13:00

The Bluff by Owen Schwartzbard 20:45

Butler by William Powers 12:32