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2014 Screening Schedule and Official Selection

Not every film of the category describe will be in said screening. (e.g. some Québec Films will be in the Documentary Category and not all of the best films are in the "Best of" screening.)

October 22, 2014

Mega-Plex Sphèretech 14, 3500, Côte-Vertu, Ville Saint-Laurent 

Documentary Films - Begins @ 7:00 pm

SPD & Me by Matthew Brookes

Concept by Gabriel Novis

RHEO by Claire Sanford

Materialistic by Tyler Mitchell

Good Luck Have Fun: A Canadian "Esports" Story by Gavin Seal

The Yumkas Experiment by Ben Yumkas

Qui nous sommes (Who We Are) by Maxime Michaud

Ruler of the Roost by Benjamin Turnbull

Le Même by Xin Liu

Thomas Bennett by Nathan Honnold

Eastern North-American Films - Begins @ 9:00 pm

Groomed by Wyatt Rockefeller

EYE SPY by Elisa Iacobucci

11 Minutes by Tom Botchii

For the Greater Gourd by Nik Ottinger

The Kindness of a Stranger by Julia Oxley

Baxter by Ty Coyle

Looks Into You by Samuel Goodwin

Running By by Bryce Gamache

House of the Gathering by James Anthony Usas

Grace of God by Millicent Cho

Small Talk by Peter LeVake

A Family Affair by Shehrezade Mian

re: Jess by Talia Alberts

Happy Unhappy by Jean Liang

October 23, 2014

Mega-Plex Sphèretech 14, 3500, Côte-Vertu, Ville Saint-Laurent 

International Teen Films - Begins @ 1:00 pm

Cherrybombs by Tone Ottilie Frederiksen

Erasure Blotting by Dylan Vogel

Retreat by Kris Theorin

Be a Little Boulder by Signals Media Arts Centre

Momentum by Alexander Bergmann

Cupcakes by Sawston Village College 

The Word by Caitlin Riggsbee

Vegan: The Hidden Evil by Fernando Rocha

Gifts by Morgana McKenzie 

Broken Wing by Amos Sussigan

Off Beat by Anna Nørskov Henriksen

Salt 'n Malt by Central Youth Center

Big Silver Nights by Ben Kadie

Sci-Fi Fantasy Films - Begins @ 3:00 pm

Bow to Your Prince by March Mercanti

Poupée by Timo von Gunten

The Lonely Mountain by Rachael Olga Lloyd

Singer Not the Song by Joewi Verhoeven

How To Count Sheep by Rachael Olga Lloyd 

Otto Floss: Freelance Watcher by Arturo Bandinelli

Legacy by Adam Floeck

Murdered by Chua Dick Woei

Remora by Dylan Marko Bell

Sisyphus' Supper by Gabriel Miller

Interview With a Time Traveler by James Cooper

West Coast/International Films - Begins @ 5:00 pm

Carry On by Yatao Li

Lady With Long Hair by Barbara Bakos

Pray Me Down by Dan Carr

Criterion by Dylan Vogel

Banana Trip by Hyungjik Lee

Signal by Peter Davis

Best Friends For Life by Brendan Prost

Left by Daniel Winter

Another Life by Mark Lammerding

Unfortunately by Karla Monterrosa

Little Africa by Curtis Adair

Québec Films - Begins @ 7:00 pm

Raspberry by Mirek Hamet

The Fate of Nicholas by Jordan Ghetler

Nini by Zoé Tremblay

Nicola est en retard by Xavier Havitov

Assonance by Simon Gualtieri

La Necedad/Stubbornness by Giovana Olmos

Le Gouffre by Carl Beauchemin

Claire Richmond by Virginie Nolin

Cerf-Volant by Valérie Gadbois

Maria's Episode by Sanja Zivkovic

Best Of YoungCuts - Begins @ 9:00 pm

A Piece of the Bottom by Floyd Russ

Alone Time by Rod Blackhurst

Common by Nicholas Campbell

Isaiah by Jason Rister & Jordan MacKenzie

Stroll by Jonathan Choo

6-Minute Mom by Chris Shimojima

These Woods by  Tatiana Bears

Finding Franklin by Alex Bohs

Free Pie by Caleb Slain

October 24, 2014

Brass Door Pub, 2171 Rue Crescent, Montréal

Cinq a Sept with YoungCuts Films - Begins @ 5:00 pm

Death Has a Son by Zackary Ogle

Eat Good by Arman Uplekar

Bucket by Ken Petrie

There Is No God and We All Die Alone by Harrison Givens

Pepe Luu by Valerie Chang

Glazed & Confused by Trevor Stevens 

Straight Down Low by Zach Wechter

Date Night by Nicky Cannon 


No Handling Fees by Haukur Bjorgvinsson

Red Man by Dulani Wilson

Eli Over Darkness by James Bachelor

Goosey's Big Movie by Gabriel Laks

Crazy Like Me by Leah McKissock

Boome & Slade by Eric Jaffe

Award ceremony and after party at the Brass Door Pub following the final Screening