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3X Improvements Realized

Early numbers indicate that filmmakers using the new YoungCuts Submission Service can improve their chances of becoming Official Selections by as much as 3X!

Introduced in August 2013, YoungCuts' Submission Service solves the problem of identifying film festivals that are most likely to choose a filmmaker's short film.

The problem arises since many film festivals choose, as Official Selections, fewer than 10% of the short films submitted. YoungCuts now helps filmmakers dramatically improve those odds.

To date, filmmakers who use the YoungCuts Submission Service are realizing 33%+ success rates. That means filmmakers using the YoungCuts Submission Service are becoming Official Selections at 3 times the Official Selection rate of film festivals that already have plenty of short film submissions!

Filmmakers also win using the YoungCuts Submission Service since they avoid completing time-consuming festival submission forms and usually pay a discounted submission fee.

To get to this point, YoungCuts has spent two years identifying and building relationships with film festivals around the world that are actively seeking good short films. YoungCuts now brings these festival opportunities to filmmakers.

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