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YoungCuts Film Festival 2010

The 9th YoungCuts Film Festival

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Congratulations to the 2010 Top 100 (A to Z)
A Bump on the Head, by Jonathan Moxness (Canada)
Abra Cadaver, by Jay McBeth (Canada)
A Good Indian, by Andrew George (Canada)
Ain't That The Way, by Matt Paley (USA)
Animal, by Skyler Proctor (USA)
A War Story, A Love Story, by Matthew Evans (USA)
Beg, by Tommy Malone (Canada)
Beirut, I Love You (I Love You Not), by Cyril Aris and Mounia Aki (Lebanon)
Big Brother, by Jay Salahi (USA)
Birdhouse, by Chris Diaz (Canada)
Blood Job, by Wayne Robinson (Canada)
Ceci n'est pas une drag queen, by Olivier Lessard (Canada)
Cetvrtak (Thursday), by Nikola Ljuca (Serbia)
Chienne de vie, by Soffie Mallet (Canada)
Chroma, by Colin Racicot (Canada)
Climb, by Alexander Leu (Canada)
Coming Back, by Kelly Bumford (USA)
Comment se noie une légende, by Mirek Hamet (Canada)
Dark Roads, by Jason Kent Carpenter (USA)
Dick Picture, by Matt Kazman (Canada)
Do You Know How Much I Love You, by Caroline Claflin (USA)
Dreamland, by David Marriott (Canada)
Echomotion, by Bret Kerven (USA)
Eclipse, by Liat Koren (USA)
El Turista, by Arcelia Ocana Manjarrez (Canada)
Empire City, by David McDonald (Canada)
Ewe Snooze, Ewe Lose, by David Ward (Australia)
Final Revision, by Sofia Gomez (USA)
Flocons et carottes, by Samantha Leriche-Gionet (Canada)
Forfeit of Grace, by Kane Senes (USA/Australia)
For Your Convenience, by Chas Fisher (Australia)
From the Second Chair, by Darol Michael Carr (USA)
Full Count, by Patrick Collier (USA)
Hotspur, by Josh Eisenberg (USA)
How to be More Average, by Charlotte Hamlyn (Australia)
Hunger, by Michael Winston (USA)
Inside, by Yaz Rabadi (Canada)
In The Blink of Love, by Pedro Clampolini (USA)
Joy, by Max Doré (Canada)
Julian, by Matthew Joran Rovet (Canada)
Just a Love Story, by I-Fu Chen (Canada)
Kick it Now, by Loui Philipe Moar (Canada)
La course, by Sheila-Vicky Brazeau (Canada)
La Khaima: The Tent of Mile-End, by Adam Shamash (Canada)
La tonsure, by Marie Pier Ottawa (Canada)
Little Boy, by Quentin Rameau (France)
Long Live the Duke, by Matt Brailey (USA)
L'orage, by Bradley Brazeau (Canada)
Leave Out violence, by the kids from LOVE (Canada)
Mbegu, by Paul Plett (Canada/Kenya)
Mia, by Tamara Small (Australia)
Ne le dis pas, by Jani Bellefleur (Canada)
No Time For Holiday, by Savannah Bloch (USA)
Not So Long Lasting, by Catherine Andre (USA)
Object Permanence, by AJ Korkidakis (Canada)
One Man's Walk, by Kenneth and Nicholas Mitchell (UK)
Orbit, by Terrence Dankowych (Canada)
Paroles d'un oublié d'Hochelaga, by Andréann Cossette (Canada)
Piano Fingers, by Nicholas Carmen (USA)
Pigmalion, by Juan Reidinger (Canada)
Ping, by Jason Oshman (USA)
Popped, by Bianca Benduci (Canada)
Pretty Little Bits, by Maria-Saroja Ponnambalam (Canada)
Rain Crowds, by Ju Li Khaw (Canada)
Rhonda's Party, by Ashley McKenzie (Canada)
Royalty Free, by Mike Bernstein (USA)
Salsiccia, by Vincenzo Bertillo (Canada)
Sebastian Goes to Work, by Rosa Aiello (Canada)
Shade of Grey, by Miles Robison (Canada)
Sharks Under Siege, by Mike Wham (USA)
Shawn Harris Personal Trainer, by Tyler Silver and Simon Turkel (USA)
Sofia, by Shervin Kermani (Canada)
Stop. Think. Rewind., by Mattan Cohen and Jay Salahi (USA)
Straight and Narrow, by Kyle Steffler (Canada)
Sub Rosa, by Nadiah Hamzah (USA)
Superstitious?, by David Magnier (Ireland)
Teddy & Olivia, by Alan Larsen (USA)
Telefone, by Jeffrey Anderson Bliss (USA)
Ten Hours Later, by Andreas Haglund (Australia/Sweden)
The Arctic Circle, by Kevin Parry (Canada)
The Boy Who Knew, by Nicholas Arnold (Canada)
The Cooking Class, by Halsey Robertson and Zelda Wengrod (USA)
The Dark Room, by Rob Petit (UK)
The Inkwell Shuffle, by Christopher Diaz (Canada)
The Nuclear Genie, by Erik Choquette (USA)
The Parade, by Giorgia Farina (USA)
The Real Deal, by Taylor Jane Sella (USA)
The Stand, by Cheri Gaulke (USA)
The Sweet Science: The Boss, by Evan Chan (Canada)
The Wages of War, by Dylan Pouliot (Canada)
Thunderstrike, by Eric Angelillo (Canada)
Traffic, by Oliver Milne (Canada)
Type O, by Brianna Brown (Canada)
Un trou dans la mémoire, by Sandrine Brodeur-Desrosiers (Canada)
Valérie Cadieux auditionne, by M. Beaumont and G. Lambert (Canada)
Vaseline & Pepper, by Fraser Munden (Canada)
Walt, by Greg Yagolnitzer (USA)
Wank, by Sheldon Schwartz (USA)
Will Work For Food, by Geoff Allison (USA)
Windigo, by Kris McKenzie (Canada)
Winter's Wind, by Trishia Hazelwood (Canada)
Woodhands @ Cisco Ottawa Bluesfest, by Ben Goloff (Canada)
3-IRON, by Matt Kazman (USA)

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