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Life With Lupus is the 1st Selection for the 2013 YoungCuts Film Festival

Congratulations to Giovanna Gatto and her team!

In December, we put 20 films that were not picked for the 2012 YoungCuts Film Festival into a Repechage or Second Chance Gallery, to give the general public the chance to vote for the film that they thought we had made the biggest mistake on.

The winner was picked based on a combination of views, votes and highest rating as of January 31st, 2013.

It was extraordinarily close.

The difference between the top 2 films came down to a difference of 72 views, with one film winning best rating, the other winning most votes and the two films finishing 3rd & 4th in views. And the 3rd place film was right behind both films.

Best Rating:

  1. Life With Lupus
  2. This PSA is Gay
  3. Feathered Bullets
  4. Jokers
  5. Black Roses

Most Votes:

  1. This PSA is Gay
  2. Life With Lupus
  3. Feathered Bullets
  4. Cadenza
  5. Jokers

Most Watched:

  1. Black Roses 
  2. Feathered Bullets 
  3. Life With Lupus 
  4. This PSA is Gay 
  5. Jokers 

Top 5 Repechage Films:

  1. Life With Lupus (12)
  2. This PSA is Gay (11)
  3. Feathered Bullets (10)
  4. Black Roses (6)
  5. Jokers (4)

(Points based on 5 points for 1st place, 4 points for 2nd place, 3 points for 3rd place, 2 points for 4th place and 1 points on 5th place.)

Life With LupusCongratulations to Giovanna Gatto. We will be playing her film Life With Lupus during the 2013 YoungCuts Film Festival.

Congratulations as well to Miranda Kasher, George Khabbaz, Patric Verrone and Marka Maberry-Gaulke, the directors of This PSA is Gay and David Fyfe, director of Feathered Bullets for their strong showing. They receive a submission waiver to the YoungCuts Film Festival for their next short film.

Here is the 2013 Repechage Gallery if you would like to watch the films!

Do you have a great short film that we should consider for the 2103 YoungCuts Film Festival? Know someone who does? Submit Today!

Repechage Gallery