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Weight (PC)

From birth, each person is given a 'weight'. This weight is a reflection of its owner's evil actions; with each action taken that is deemed inappropriate by the government, the owner's weight grows and becomes heavier. The main character of this film buries his over-sized weight. His weight is found by two government officials. As punishment, he is chained to his weight, as are all people who get caught in this action. After fruitless attempts at breaking free from his weight, he attempts to run away from his society. He reaches the outer boundary of his world where he finds a beautiful woman standing on the other side of a river separating the two of them. She is free from any weight. She is pure and untainted. For the first time, he sees a glimpse of freedom and feels hope. He excitedly enters the river to swim to other side and reach the freedom. As he is making his way to the other side, his weight sinks. It drags him down into the water and clunks down onto the rocky surface of the river. He is drowned by the weight of his own sins.