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How The Submission Service Works

When you submit a film to a film festival, you want your film to become an Official Selection. It's simple.

The more festival wins and laurels you get, the more schools and industry professionals take notice of you and your film. That means opportunity.

So how do you win more Official Selections at film festivals?

Submit to more qualified film festivals!

YoungCuts' Submission Service helps you find these festivals -- festivals that are pre-screened, offer above average Official Selection rates and that are actively seeking YoungCuts filmmakers' films!

By participating in the Submission Service, you improve the likelihood that your film will become an Official Selection and get the recognition you deserve.

Here's how it works...

If you have already submitted to YoungCuts, the first step is already done! If not Click Here to submit to this year's festival.

YoungCuts updates its list of vetted film festivals a few times a week and you can always go to our Store tab to find which promising festivals are now seeking films like yours. YoungCuts also regularly advises Submission Service participants, by email, of newly discovered film festival opportunities.

Filmmakers can reserve their place in these promising festivals, under the YoungCuts banner, by paying a $15 submission and processing fee.

Usually, this fee is a fraction of the festival's retail submission price and YoungCuts does the admin work, submitting your film, and helping you avoid festivals' lengthy submission forms.

Your $15 fee reserves your film's spot in the festival, and in many cases, the promising film festival's submission needs are filled by filmmakers that use this service.

However, when these places do not sell out, YoungCuts then offers the remaining spots to filmmakers who pay only if they are selected by the festival. This is called the "Pay When Selected" or PWS service.

Filmmakers who choose the $15 option, and are Officially Selected, pay one-third of what they would pay as a "Pay When Selected" participant who pays $45, but only when their film is an Official Selection.

Once the festival makes their Official Selections, YoungCuts notifies all filmmakers of the results.

Click Here to see which festivals are currently seeking films from YoungCuts Filmmakers.

Submit to more qualified festivals and win more Official Selections!

Here's what we're hearing from filmmakers...

"YoungCuts sourced a very promising film festival that was not on our radar. We submitted and were chosen as an Official Selection. We want YoungCuts to find more film festivals like this one!" Jacqueline Hui - Director of 789 RI

"High Official Selection rates are a rarity. I have submitted to more than 30 festivals and want YoungCuts to find more for me. So far, I am 2 for 2 with YoungCuts." Max Lincoln - Director of Thyme

"The Youngcuts Submission Service is especially skilfull in finding promising film festivals that filmmakers may have missed - all at a fair price." Peter O'Hara - Co-Director of Somnium

"The YoungCuts Submission Service is a great service for filmmakers who want to promote their short films. I was an Official Selection at the first film festival that YoungCuts recommended!" Byunghoon Han - Director of Eternity

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