You Laugh With Your Whole Face

'You Laugh With Your Whole Face' is about my relationship to a piece of writing. The writing is by Riva Lehrer, a US-based artist best known for her paintings. Her personal essay, 'Golem Girl Gets Lucky', deals with contemporary understandings of femininity and her coming of age as a woman with spina bifida. In this film I explore my response to her essay, both imaginatively and personally. I visually evoke excerpts of the writing and draw connections between Lehrer's life experiences and my own. While I do not have spina bifida, Lehrer writes about body, love and sex in ways that resonate strongly with me. 'You Laugh With Your Whole Face' alternates between bouts of free interpretation, autobiographical interludes and moments of critical self-reflection in which I take a close look at my own responsive process.