Sakhalin Death Roe

In the far east of Russia, in the sea of Okhotsk there is a large island called Sakhalin. Sakhalin is home to one third of the world’s remaining salmon population. It has some of the world’s greatest wildlife and marine biodiversity. Due to new laws and high level of corruption salmons journeys to the spawning grounds almost impossible. The film follows the journey of salmon and the obstacles they have to overcome in order to reach the upper reaches of rivers and the negative effect of the diminishing amount of salmon on the environment and the local community. The film brings attention to the pressing threat to the wildlife in the face of uncontrolled resource exploitation on the island of Sakhalin. It looks to explore the beauty of the wildlife and their natural habitat, capturing the nature that still exists but highlighting the risk of extinction in coming years. It gives insight to the fight for survival that animals and humans are facing and the perspective of people who have dedicated their lives to fight for and protect the unique island.