Juggle & Cut

Fifteen years ago, deep in the chilling northern reaches of Michigan farm country lived 15-year-old Andy Phelps: an anomalous prodigy with a charmingly mischievous resumé. Andy had juggled knives and fire for mass audiences, hand-carved entire wood furnishings from scratch, thundered his motorcycle from Michigan to the West Coast (and back), captained his school's hockey team to a State Championship as one of its youngest members, and taught himself to unicycle and fire-breathe...all before turning sixteen. But on a tragic autumn day in 1998, Andy broke his neck and consequentially lost the use of his hands and legs. Fifteen years later, what should have been the last chapter of a fabled prodigy was only the beginning of a stunningly different path; where against all odds, he became the only known quadriplegic in an unpredictable profession.