Erasure Blotting

There are some things that I care very strongly about. Many of them are ideas, some of them are works that I’ve done, a few of them are people. Sometimes the hardest part about having these feelings is trying to share them with other people, and facing unacceptance can deal a heart-crushing blow. Erasure Blotting is a film about this experience, and it’s effect on the artist. Having the topics one cares most about unacknowledged by other people can make one feel isolated, and cause them to question their own feelings towards it. The girl goes through this experience, having her ideas blatantly destroyed by the people she was trying to share them with. She faces inner turmoil, still struggling with the grief caused by rejection and yet unwilling to give up the things she cares most about. Overwhelmed, she turns the depression into anger, tearing apart the books and ideas that she once cared so much about. She only wishes to distance herself from the source of heartbreak, convincing herself that there is something inherently wrong about it, and consuming it over and over until no feeling remains. At this point, all that remains is an empty being with nothing to live for, once all that she cares about is gone. While exaggerated in our minds, this flood of feeling exists for many people. It ultimately drowns out a part of oneself, never able to quite appreciate the things they were once able to before.